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What is public art?

In general terms, public art is publicly accessible original art that enriches the community, provides visual identity, and encourages connection between community members. It may include permanent visual art like sculptures and murals, temporary installations, exterior building architectural features, signage, bridges, benches, artist designed plazas, performances, events, and more! Context and audience are important aspects of how public art is used and experienced.

Advisory Group

For the past four months an advisory group made up of North Mankato residents, artists, community leaders and city staff have been meeting to explore new ways to incorporate public art into North Mankato, helping to create a more cohesive visual identity for our community.  Advisory group members include:

  • Diane Norland
  • Brad Swanson
  • Andrew Judkins
  • Nate LeBoutillier
  • Steph Stoffel
  • Lu Mulder
  • Dana Sikkila
  • Le Ann Gehring-Ryan
  • Sandy Crest
  • Sandy Sawazsky
  • Elaine Hardwick
  • Bobby Fleishman
  • Nancy Goodwin
  • Megan Flod Johnson

The questions we have been asking ourselves include:

  1. What makes North Mankato unique and how can we enhance that uniqueness with public art?
  2. What types of artworks are we lacking and what types should be encouraged?

Creative ideas for North Mankato public spaces

As a first step, the advisory group explored several North Mankato public spaces and came up with some creative ideas. Some of these ideas include, sculptures in the roundabouts, poetry stamping at Spring Lake Park, community gardens at Wheeler Park, and a vintage mural along Belgrade Avenue. These public spaces and ideas are by no means exhaustive of the possibilities, but simply a place to begin.

What kinds of public art do you want to see for North Mankato?

Think about your favorite spaces in North Mankato. How can public art enhance that space? Click on any of the icons below to download a Public Art Ideas card. Use the card to communicate the creative possibilities you imagine for North Mankato. Drop off the card at any of the three locations indicated at the bottom of the card.

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