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Public Art Project Winners

Leralee Whittle

Found Installation: Mixed Media Performance

Leralee Whittle from Fairmont, MN will perform a dance based public art installation in Spring Lake Park on September 8th.

Leralee Whittle is a dance, performance and video artist working in the US, Canada and Europe. She creates works for theater, galleries and private and public spaces.
“I find parks, gyms, natural habitats or rare buildings I’m compelled to inhabit for time-based processes. The aesthetic and social practice aspects of engaging publicly within these “found installations” allows me to integrate live performative structures and crafted video art with real time interaction inspired by the site and its ecology.” – Leralee Whittle

Kendrick Daum

Nakato Mural

Kendrick Daum is from St. Peter, Minnesota and will create a mural on Nakato Bar and Grill.

Elaine Hardwick

Interactive Storybook

Elaine Hardwick is from North Mankato and will facilitate the fabrication and installation of an interactive cultural storybook.

Kevin White

Anamorphic Perspective Mural

Kevin White of North Mankato will create an anamorphic perspective mural on North Mankato playground equipment.