Build Aquatic Facility At Caswell Park

Project Description

Tournament sized 8-10 lane swimming facility for use by the community and athletes.


  1. Aaron Devlaeminck


  2. Kellie Dirksen

    Would love to see a family aquatic center similar to the ones in Faribault, Waseca & Gaylord built at Caswell.

  3. Alex Lindstrom

    We would love to see the community back an aquatic facility. It is long overdue. Please let me know how we can help.

  4. Dana Patenaude

    Absolutely! MSUs pool is old and outdated and six lanes is not enough to hold bigger invites (no comment needed on the west four lane pool). An 8-10 lane competition pool (with diving well) would allow Mankato West/East?, Mantas swim club, & the YMCA Marlins to host swim meets year round. USA meets that Mantas could host are three day meets that would bring revenue to the city through hotel/restaurant use. Regional, conference, and/or section meets could be held during the high school seasons, also bringing visitors to N mkto. Both the YMCA and pool at west high are only four lanes and are are dangerous for practice (10+ people per lane bumping into each other, losing reps because of waiting, and less time being coached)

    • Kristine Mihm

      I agree with all of Dana’s comments. A pool this size would be a huge asset to the community. There are limited facilities in Southern Minnesota that can host the events Dana describes. North Mankato could draw people and events from all over the region.

  5. eric

    North Mankato needs a Aquatic Facility or Water Park

  6. Eric Johnson

    Indoor Water Park would be a good idea too!!!

  7. Kris

    Any aquatic center should include a water park with slides and play features. What a great thing for a family to have a tournament at Caswell and then enjoy the watermark between games.


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