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A questionnaire was sent to citizens asking them to rank various projects associated with parks and recreation. We provided a list of sixteen project ideas and participants ranked the top seven projects by level of importance. Additionally participants were asked to share their ideas for projects that hadn’t been thought of.

We examined feedback in two different ways to determine what is most important as we move forward with city projects. The same eight projects were consistently a priority to residents.

  • Upgrade Spring Lake Park Swim Facility
  • Construct restrooms in Spring Lake Park
  • Build a covered shelter and restroom in Benson Park
  • Re-establish trail from Bluff Park to Spring Lake Park
  • Build aquatic facility at Caswell Park
  • Build ice arena at Caswell Park
  • Expand the Taylor Library
  • Improve pedestrian safety on Lookout Drive



Return Rate


Ranked #1

One way of examining the priorities of citizens based on the feedback received on the questionnaires is to rank projects by the number of times a project was selected as #1 (Most Important).

Most # of Votes

Another way to compare the responses is by ranking projects by the number of times they were selected as a priority regardless if it was ranked as #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7.